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Starmade | Game crashed and station removed
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Log-in the game, i saw my station removed and then game crashed.


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1.2.1 dev (official test server(normal))
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above...i have tried to log-in 3 times.

Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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Clientconfig (settings.cfg)

here, I uploaded all filed generated or modified at that time

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ua2hk created this task.Oct 14 2017, 8:37 AM

this time(the 5th time), i success in log-in, but my station is gone

here, the latest files

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Was the reactor damaged?
Were chambers connected?

Anything you remember about the reactor build?

Looks like the reactor was considered destroyed and the station was removed from that.

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ua2hk added a comment.Oct 14 2017, 2:22 PM

Time Line

1st log-in:

A) "insufficient energy" warning

  1. i reported the Bug - "shipyard problem" (wrong warning with wrong value)

2)re-built my power system - added A NEW Power system:
reactors, ENOUGH COOLING DOWN blocks and ""2"" chambers with 2 pipes- logistic chamber which linking to Railway, a recon chamber which no link with any function.

3)i removed recon chamber, as i though it was useless and do not disturb my test

4)i did not remove any old power system blocks

5)i checked the New power supply and Tab->reactor to see the "supply ratio/ section supply"

final) BUT, it still warned with "insufficient energy".

B) cargo bug"

1)i reported the cargo bug - wrong capacity, grouping failure and showing wrong capacity

2)i used 2 cargo for testing - reproduce the bug

12 hours later

2nd, 2rd, 4th log-in failure, i reported - "game crached and staton removed"

  • as when the game crashed, i saw a screen about my station was gone.

3-4 hours later(?)
5th log in,i succeed in log-in again

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ua2hk added a comment.Oct 14 2017, 2:34 PM

The red zone is the 161 reactors, yellow line is the pipe(3 -4blocks long), purple zone is the logistic chamber(94 blocks), the green circle is 217 stabilizers.

*in my memory, the recon chamber (which removed later)was next the logistic chamber, it is about 90 blocks at that time.

ua2hk added a comment.Oct 14 2017, 2:48 PM

something with the reactor setup made it think the reactor was at 0hp and destroyed it.
Can you reply in T2624: Game crashed and station removed with possible details you know about the state before you left last time? AndyP10:09 PM

u are right, see the picture below:

It showed "0 Hp" although it has 2m armor.


got a more interesting trail, was the reactor far away from the station marker?
Like 4-5 chunks? (>75 blocks should do it)
There was a missing precheck before processing reactor HP, that it could consider an entity dead without the reactor being fully loaded.

The distance between the red zone and green zone is 1+19+1+25+6+1+19+1= 55 blocks (reactor- stabilizer)distance

The station marker, if it is the point of "Press X", it is at the blue circle, i can make sure that is it over 200 blocks from red zone to blue circle.

ua2hk added a comment.Oct 14 2017, 2:53 PM

more information:

The 3 layers of brown circles are "The old power system" including OLD power reactors and OLD power capacitors.

there are "NO" Hit Points for my old ship and new station.

*Hit Points (HP): Every block has a set HP value, representing its own structural integrity. When the HP of a block is reduced to 0, it is destroyed.

let us see what happen later :P

I catch the overheat debug report screen finally...such reports have been reported many times, it seems happen when players log-in.

ua2hk added a comment.Oct 15 2017, 8:07 PM

Another report when a player log-in.

ua2hk added a comment.Oct 15 2017, 8:41 PM

Is this a NEW power requirement/setting for the production? Otherwise, no energy for the production if there is no conduit connected.

ua2hk added a comment.EditedOct 15 2017, 8:48 PM

ok...more questions: adding more generators, comparing the yellow circle and blue circle , it seems no change in "Recharge". BUT, see the green circle, the machine has been charged power.


more questions: So, WHY the shield cap and gen are not need the connection of conduit to supply power for them?

Now, the shield cap and gen work properly.

I have checked there is no conduit between the shield cap and gen.

more quesation: i think the "recharge" from power generators are not calculated in total.

ua2hk added a comment.EditedOct 15 2017, 9:11 PM

So, let me do an experiment~

before connection

connecting all NEW generators(no any old system in station) using generator link and conduit link

compare the red circle, the value remain "unchanged".


in conclusion,

1)i make sure there is a calculation problem in "power";
2)i think there is a problem in "conduit linking/power linking".

more information:

No warning from the production parts. BUT, the value in power remains "unchanged".

ua2hk added a comment.Oct 15 2017, 9:20 PM

Sorry, i think the message since "Mon, Oct 16, 4:41 AM" should be moved to T2633 Dev .122 - wrong value of power consumption

As, they are about the problem of "Power"

ua2hk added a comment.Oct 15 2017, 9:43 PM

Although I have collected all generators, they are still in "4 groups" in report(see below).
BUT, if it counts as groups(let us assume in group here), it should be 5 group as there is a BIG one next the production part.

Then, i cool them down by "switch to reactor", there are still 4 groups here(BUT i have collected them to be only 1 group").

ua2hk added a comment.EditedOct 15 2017, 10:36 PM

After 1hr, I login the game again and keep building the production part.

No more warning about power, but the lastest part is not linked by conduit.