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Starmade | [Dev Build] 0.200.117 - Saving and Loading Entities With Active Chambers
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When I saved a ship with reactor size level 11 that had a defensive chamber chain of Shield Capacity 1 and spawned the ship in again the following glitch occurred:

Half of the defensive chambers on the first level remained active, however the other half had been changed to deactive. As a result of this the first chamber was marked as invalid and only containing 50 blocks. In order to fix this I needed to remove the first chamber in the chain, then replace it.

I am unsure if this is a bug related to chamber chains in general, or only to the shield chamber chain. It is worth noting that a similar glitch may have occurred when I experimented with the FTL Chamber Chain, however that is a topic for a separate bug report.


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Steps to reproduce
  1. Build a ship with a Shield Capacity 1 chamber tree (It is worth noting that when this occurred to me it was with a reactor level 11 --> 100 block chambers. I am unsure of whether this applies to smaller ships)
  2. Save ship to catalog
  3. Admin load ship from catalog
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Open for testing, maybe a race between building the reactor tree and loading the blocks.
More extreme side effect was possibly the issue T2624: Game crashed and station removed

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