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Starmade | Changes to faction rank permissions are not always saved
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#1 Original Report
When editing faction ranks, it very often happens that they dont save correctly.
For example if I rename/edit a few ranks and close the window, when I re open the ranks window it hasn't saved anything.
Editing ranks is just simply very unpredicatable and must be redone many times until the game saves the changes.

This is happening to me too. I have a video of it.

Hi, I had this issue as well IE rank permissions wouldn't save the first few times I tried, and further once they did save, members promoted or already at that rank still couldn't do what their permissions should have allowed them to. This was with a new faction created yesterday on the Mikeland Australian server at a time of low lag issues and not many players online. Both I and the player that was testing whether the permissions worked at X rank tried re-logging at different times throughout the process. That's all that comes to mind about the issue at present and I'm pretty new to reporting bugs but if you need any more information or have further questions I will be following this page.

Have seen this myself while testing faction permission stuff.
Settings on one client didnt got saved by the server and therefore not shown as given on a second client.

  • #3 i cant agree with. whenever the server had saved changes i could see them take effect immediately on the second client


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Servers with high latency/player count will (most of the time) ignore any changes to faction rank permissions/names.

The only way to change them is to repeatedly enter them until the server gets the message.

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This maybe related but feel free to move.

A member of my faction left, started his own faction, made a home base in the sector next to my Homebase and could claim system ownership out from underneath me.

My faction log even read he had revoked system rights (he had no permissions to revoke rights)

So is this a client not updating the host to say he had left my faction but at the same time it id'd him as a founder(of his faction)

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This bug still exists, i had attempted to edit the ranks 10 times on Freaks R Us with no success.
This bug only exists on multiplayer it seems as well, its been over a year that this bug has been in place.
Please fix it.

If you have trouble recreating the bug i can do so easily, come to my teamspeak for assistance.

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Single player always works for this.

Multiplayer getting more and more a problem, was "admin only" for some cases, but seems to be broken completely now.

Log in single player:

[2017-05-05 13:01:59] [CLIENT][PlayerInput] successfully deactivated obfuscated.eI@d77d062
[2017-05-05 13:01:59] [SERVER][FACTION] fog of war check. Role AndyP lost fog of war of faction. sharing current data
[2017-05-05 13:01:59] [SERVER][FOW] MERGING VIS: 10001 INTO 2147483647
[2017-05-05 13:01:59] [SERVER][FACTION] fog of war check. Role AndyP lost fog of war of faction. sharing current data

On multiplayer it only drop a single "Fog of war check" line on the server side.

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I also (still!) get this fairly consistently on servers with a high player count or potentially other sources of high load.

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