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Starmade | AI Turrets get stuck
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When an AI turret has been built to have limits for traversing left and right, instead of moving and firing until it reaches the limit, it just spazzes out and moves left and right very quickly when you get close to it. Otherwise, it just sits there and does nothing. Only when you get directly in front of it does it start shooting a short burst.

A test can be used with attached ship.

  1. set self in god mode
  2. spawn ship as pirate
  3. fly around the turrets on the top.


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Jolly Roger

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Unable to attach file by dragging and dropping into comment box

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We just had T65 being closed in last version, would be interesting to get the sample file.

Possibly use this to add a file:

As there were some causes for collisions, but they behave a lot better lately.

JollyRoger added a comment.EditedJul 25 2015, 4:44 PM

To test:

  1. get in a core
  2. set self in god mode
  3. spawn ship as pirate
  4. fly around the group of smaller turrets on the top of the ship.

Going right up against them will make them spaz out and shoot if you are directly in front of it.

Going further away will cause them to sit there and do nothing.

Note: at first, I thought this had to do with the close proximity of the 5 turrets on the right side, but the 1 turret on the left side behaves the same way, and I haven't attached the rest of them.

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Tested out your ship model ( and the turrets behaved as you said. Further testing reveals that it may have more to do with the turret mass than the limiting block placement. I replaced the advanced armor with normal hull on one of the turrets and the movement performance of the turret has improved.
The turrets don't appear to be stuck but instead moving very slowly with an occasional rendering glitch causing that spastic shaking every now and then.

Here's the model with one of the turrets converted to grey hull I added a block of 20x20x60 mass enhancers but it seemed to have no bearing on the turrets behavior.

video of ship behavior unmodified

video of ship behavior post adv hull replacement to regular hull

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There are no mass enhancers on the base of the turrets. At entering the barrel i get the message that it only operates on 1% of speed.

->Parts of the problems might be design related.

JollyRoger added a comment.EditedAug 4 2015, 11:16 PM

that's weird, because the ball turrets underneath do not have any issues moving. Also the turrets on the top move left and right very quickly when you get close to them. This was submitted prior to the last update however.

I'm not sure that this has to do with mass enhancers.

The ball turrets (they look awesome btw) are lighter, every dock has 50 mass "free", so only the bigger turrets need mass enhancers to support their barrels.
also: You only get that 1% speed message if you enter the barrel normal from astronaut mode (not switch up from the base or mothership).

There are problems with turret tracking/movement/aiming but i think we should look at those after we excluded every issue stemming from design.


I just added the ship with tons of mass enhancers and spaced the turrets on the top apart to prevent glitching issues. It is still doing the same thing. I have added the file.

Actually that one still said they did not have enough mass enhancers! keep adding them until it doesn't, and the turrets still move very slowly.

you still need those mass enhancers on the base of the turret (where the barrel is docked to)

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to illustrate the problem (i cleaned the provided blueprint a little bit, added mass enhancers and removed the collision block on the horizontal turret movement:

The turrets shown are still limited in the elevation of the barrel

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Merging duplicate in

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