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Starmade | Weapon info menu and structure menu show inaccurate information.
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Missile Primary 1250 modules (625 in 2 groups) , Missiles secondary group, 0 (tried a few combos with the same result) Effect OverDrive 50%.- 625 blocks.
Weapons details reports
Damage - 281100/missile
1 missile
Reported power consumption 1440637.5
Click fire, 14+mil power drained from ship,

Not sure if the power consumption is being reported wrong or calculated wrong, 14 mil power seems like a lot for a little over a quarter mil damage.


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Single and Multi
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Control Block System: Weapons
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java version "1.8.0_40"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_40-b26)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.40-b25, mixed mode)

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OK, further testing , its about 10 mil power total (5 mil per group) of the above config when overdrive is slaved at 50%.
Its about 2 mil power total when nothing is slaved. Not sure what the power consumption multiplier is for overdrive these days. it may just needs an update to the weapons details tab multiplier.

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Adding information from T688:

several combinations of weapons show inaccurate information in weapon info and structure menu.

any combination of cannon, missile, damage beam, damage pulse and overdrive effect
any combination of main weapon and emp effect (damage beam claimed to have 0 power consumption for 50% or 100%)

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Can you upload the ship bp please, i was going to rebuild it , but why...

With Pleasure , Where do I upload it too?

lol good question..Just email it to me

Or just drag it to the comment box

AndyP added a comment.Oct 1 2015, 8:07 AM

Drag into comment box is the preferred way, as this also makes it available for the developer to work on it later

Cool, attached is a test bed I made, has 4 groups hooked to the primary computer and none to the secondary. you can mix and match to 25 / 50 / and 75 % slave for testing.

oh, just noticed the missile computer is attached to the logic still , c on core and v on the missile computer above it to connect correctly.

And in case you're looking for it , the over drive com is directly in front of the core.

so here are the numbers and hope this helps,
Base Missile launcher. about 1 mil power gen / sec , 11.7 mil power capacity.
Power Sled , 1 mil power gen / sec , 17 mil power capacity.
total, 2 mil power / sec regen with 29.3 mil power capacity.
Primary Missile Comp / 5000 modules / in 4 groups of 1125
Second Missile Comp / 0 modules
Effect overdrive Comp / 1125 modules. 25% when slaved to the above config.

With no slave, each weapon group reports a power usage of 2015625 power and damage of 375000 in details tab.
Click fire , consumes a little over 8 mil power.
Damage amount vs shields , it varies between 175k and 400k (each weapon group is only firing one missile)

Add slave of the 25 % overdrive.
Each weapon group reports power usage of 2518725 and a damage of 468100 in details tab.(this seems consistent with the description)

Click fire. consumes a little over 22 million power. (12 mil more than expected)
Damage amount vs shields is about right , it varies between 250k and 500k (again only one missile/group)

Hope that helps , you can change the amount of slave and effect with the magical shift v. to any 25% increment.

Chandler added a comment.EditedOct 1 2015, 5:58 PM

1 missile slaved to Missile, OD at Tertiary 6250 Total Size, Main weapon is 5k, none on secondary, terti is 1250.
Expected power usage per missile is 2.518725.2, There are four banks, so expected total 10074900.8

Actual usage is 22668528.8, or around that

Removing missile slave, same results.

Lancake. Anything that we're missing on the calculations?

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Thanks for consolidating this, lancake. I can provide numbers for my Damage Beam experiments if requested.

Oh, only now I noticed it was still in feedback. Moving to the correct column now, I'll start doing a full check up on it later, will probably take several fixes till the whole system is fixed :)