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Starmade | Planet Plates "Shrink" after Core detonation with a Logic Ship
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Planet plates from large planets Shrink/default to a size far smaller than the planet actually was. This is both server and on Single-player that I have tested it.

I Believe Admin-Detonation WILL NOT reproduce this!

  1. Use a Logic-planet-killer ship with attached Jump capable vessel, such as this BP: I am unsure how BPs work, so the whole ship file is compressed in winrar there.
  1. Fly to any large planet, above r210 gives the most visible results, with r340 planets showing the issue even to the untrained eye
  1. Target planet core so HP is visible, point Planet Killer at planet core, prefereably between 2 plates so that the ship isnt struck by flying plates.
    (mirror: )
  1. Activate logic clock, keep the planet targeted and use the arrow keys to flip into a docked warper. Undock this vessel and charge its jump drive.
  1. Keep pointing at the planet with a charged jump drive, until planet HP is roughly 12-15m HP, then engage the jump drive
  1. Recharge the drive to return, giving ample time for the planet to be detonated. Enough time is at most 30 seconds. If the planet isnt detonated, return, and retry accordingly (Step 5, Logic clock will remain active and deplete core HP)
  1. Look at the planet plates. There should be large-ish plates that you have shot at with the cannon that have saved their size, and almost all other plates upon inspection will have shrunk
    (mirror: )

Hopefully this is enough information, I have supplied screenshots from the single player tests as evidence, and the less-obvious multiplayer test can be found here:

(Mirror: ) (180 radius planet with tiny plates after detonation)

EDIT: fixed typos


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Steps to reproduce

Download or make a ship capable of killing the planet with an auto logic drive

Set it up and fire on a planet

Get into a warp ship and warp away at 12 Million health

Warp back when "Senors have detected planet destruction" msg appears.

The plates will be a different size.

Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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Clientconfig (settings.cfg)
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Oh, forgot to put it back in the pool.

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Hey, @Napther was the blocks when you went up to the planet parts smaller than the blocks of your ship or what?

AndyP added a comment.Sep 4 2015, 4:56 PM

Ehm, for me he described the fact that:
A planet of R250 for example would throw the same plates as a planet of R130
like there were default plates thrown or cut to some size.

Not actually smaller but their visial sizes are in no relation to the real planet.

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I tried to recreate this bug and I was not successful. I shot at only one plate of a r211 and a r350 planet and none of the plates were physically smaller but were visually smaller because they were farther away from each other and all of them were one sector out so they would be smaller. Each block of the planet matched the size of each block on the ship you posted so no resize of the planet.

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I experienced this bug today and yesterday, I've included the client logs that were created around the time I blew the planets up.

Like @Napther, I used logic to fire my weapons at the core. I used two simple clocks (one to fire cannons and the other to fire beams). I got a null pointer exception a few times (two if I recall correctly), one of them occurred right after turning on my logic clock while pointed at a planet.

This is the craft I used:

I'm not sure if this is related but sometimes planet segments stick together after the planet blows up:

The screenshots below are of planet plates from a planet I blew up today. I fired a 30x30 61x61 grid of salvagers at each for a few seconds for a sense of scale.


The effect also happens Vice Versa, a R50 planet seems to revert to something close to R70-100 after logic-based detonation and timing the warp to coincide with the Sector Removed From memory time (default 20s)

SmilingDemon reopened this task as Open.

reopening ... as it seems to still happen rarely

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I had that a while ago too. I used the explode command for this one. Just to add that it might not be linked to the ship destroying the core having logic controlled systems.
Its much easier to notice when there is a city on the plate though.

Plate before blowing up:

Same plate after blowing up:

Not sure if it can help. (I took those around the time the issue was first reported, but I was working on another planet explosion related issue at the time. And the issue was rejected before I could add anything. )

This issue is so rare, that it may be related to save files.

Have any of these servers that have had this issue wiped? and fully deleted their world seed code?

Furthermore, If someone is able to reproduce this affect, they should provide their world file (delete any ships and station designs you don't want public before doing so.)

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-Confirmed- This bug was not hard to reproduce at all?

Using the steps provided by the OP and his ship I was able to reproduce this affect.

As seen here

Global shot, Here we can see the different sizes involved.

The planet killer

Small one

Large One

Only two plates remained the same size the rest all desized down to a mere 50 ish

The config provided has size 300 planets (So I could see very clearly size difference)
And a spread of 20 in size across all planets.

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