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Starmade | deconstructed ship names are still in use
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Deconstructing a ship to a design still doesn't allow you to make a new ship with that deconstructed ship's name.
The deconstructed ship's name still exists till you delete the design itself.


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Single and Multi
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Control Block System: Shipyards
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Steps to reproduce
  1. Have a ship, called "X"
  2. Deconstruct it to design in the Shipyard, call the design "Y"
  3. Create a new ship, try to call it "X", you will be denied for the reason that the ship name already exists, despite it no longer physically existing.
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It's confusing for people when they come across this issue. Most likely it's not a bug but freeing up the original ship's name is needed.

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Not entirely sure if this is a bug.
A design is a reference to a real ship, which still has that name.
Designs can have the same name since they always point to an unique ship.

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Well if it's intended it's not intuitive. It may be kept as a reference but it's not shown anywhere in game.

I'd suggest something like forcing the name of the design to be named after the deconstructed ship and change the error message of "Ship name already exists!" to include "or design".

I had no idea why the name was being denied, I modified the design of a random mining drone and rebuilt them all using the deconstructed design, when I unknowingly reached the name of the one I modified and the name was denied. Changing the name would've meant changing the names of all the rest again too to keep the naming convention which would've meant deconstructing them all and starting again if I hadn't figured out what the problem was and how to get around it. (Build ship from design with generic name, deconstruct to design, delete original design)

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Bug or not, needs to change a bit yeah. It's confusing, pushing in queue.

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It is extra confusing, as cloning the design from an existing blueprint doesn't have this problem. (I do this all the time, as I only rarely deconstruct to design)
(yes, yes, yes, I'm aware you all want to get rid of blueprints, that does not negate the simple fact that cloning the design from a blueprint doesn't have the problem)