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Starmade | TAB + any key doesn't work
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I discovered for a reason or an other TAB + G (keys combo to hide GUI) and TAB + F5 (or F6) (keys combo to force the reload of sector) didn't works on my different installations.

The game instead of process like TAB+G and TAB+F5(F6) process something like if I press separately TAB then G or TAB then F5 (F6) [so concretely TAB switch ship mode and then open ship status for the combo TAB+G and switch ship mode and take a screenshot for TAB+F5(F6)].

Don't know if it's link to the fact I rebinded TAB key to use it to switch ship mode or/and maybe cause I use French language package. I don't know all the other "hard-coded" combo to test them and see if they work or not.


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I tried both the french part and using Tab for other controls. Still worked fine for me.
Don't know how to reproduce so I'll leave this on feedback for a while, maybe someone else will have a clue.

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I'll try to test that further this week-end and I'll keep you tune.

Side note, in the dev builds after the 0.199.217 release, the Tab debug button was moved to F1.
(so it's F1 + F8 and F1 + G now)

Croquelune added a comment.EditedDec 27 2016, 4:31 PM

SM v0.199.353

F1 + G still doesn't work for me. It's just open the System's check menu like if I pressed G alone.

(here the updated version of my keyboard:


Remember the default binding for the "Dev" key is applied to the key that generates the "Player Board" . Since this update I put the Radial menu on F1, and the old tab-player board back to Tab and it made all my commands go from F1 being required to TAB being required.

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F1 + G still doesn't work for me. It's just open the System's check menu like if I pressed G alone.

This might not be anything to do with the game at all. (especially as your initial post indicates that none of the TAB/F1 + F# combos work.
That sounds like a hardware issue.

EX: not all keyboards have "full" support for registering more than one key being pressed at a time, because having full support is several pennies more expensive to manufacture. (yes, it really is that cheap of a difference)
Most keyboards only support CTRL+ALT+DELETE, ALT+TAB and SHIFT+any one key.
Oh, and W+A+S+D too, for the somewhat more modern ones, as WASD is "the" most common movement control for first, second, and third-person shooters.

You may be needing a new keyboard.

Croquelune added a comment.EditedJan 2 2017, 1:50 AM

Nice theory, but I hardly doubt it that. First cause I my keyboard have 4-5 years old at max. But mostly like Napther mentionned it the binding seems to follow the "Player Board" button.

So, thanks to him, I have eventually found out that combo " = + key " works. = is my key for "see Player Board". It seems the combo binding follow the "Player Board" key allowed. It's not really guessable.

So this can now be closed I guess but taking a few notes to players or the options like

"Show Play Board (Key assigned also used in all admin shortcuts)". This should solve some issues, its only a suggestion, Lancake and Co would likely have their own fix

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