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Starmade | Can not unconnect a rail docker from a logic block
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After connecting a rail docker to an activation block. when you attempt to un-connect it, the block stays connected even though there is no purple connection box.


Task Type
Testing Results
Affected Gamemode(s)
Single and Multi
Last tested (version)
Logic Gates
Video Card Vendor
Steps to reproduce
  1. Place activator
  2. Place Rail Docker
  3. "C" Activator
  4. "V" Rail docker
  5. Activate and deactivate activator
  6. Make sure you selected the activator with "c", Attempt to unconnect rail docker with "v"
  7. Toggle Activator

    I expect the activator to do nothing
Tester information (Internal use only)

same effect with button or any other logic block connected to the rail docker.
removing the rail docker and placing a new one in its place isnt breaking the link either.

Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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Clientconfig (settings.cfg)
<replace this line with the file content>

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Activation no longer appears to interact with rail docker at all.