Predictable Game State
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Having an exact predictable status on all files in your game folder is helping you and us, that includes:

  • no mods,
  • changed block config
  • changes made by servers with modified games like warp gates or any non-standard content

(Yes I have seen servers damaging the client permanently and changing its behaviour without having to install any file to the client directory. Just by fiddling around serverside.)

To create a proper testing and log environment please create a so-called "Predictable Game State".
browse your hard-disk (C:) and create a new folder.
We suggest using the path:
however, any path not in a protected area from windows will work. ('Programs', 'Desktop', 'Download' and 'My Files' are places that can cause problems. Antivirus scanners block access or scan every file-access and slow down your game without a good reason.)
(Linux and OSX require a similar well selected path that is not influenced by the OS.)

Now place a fresh downloaded launcher from the official download page

in that folder and start it.

Now select the correct path in the Launcher:

enter the correct path into the opening dialog:

Hit OK and
let it install the latest version by clicking on:

in the Launcher.

Now test the issue you are


and send in all files you see in that folder.
We will check for the source of the problems then.

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