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Reporting bugs

Okay, you found a bug and want to report it?
No problem!
Read this page carefully and you should have your bug reported correctly and most likely fixed very soon.


At first you should make sure we do not know about it already.
Search for keywords in the already known tickets.

For any visible glitches,
make sure you have the newest video card drivers.

Prepare your client

This may seem too obvious, but we have quite a few reports of bugs that were introduced by broken files or client-mods or even server side configuration changes, please make sure you can reproduce the problem in a Predictable Game State.

Can you reproduce the bug?

This is the most essential step in fixing a bug.
Having a way to get the bug happen on the develeopers machines, will have a really high chance to get it fixed.

Start writing down every step you have to do, right after preparing the new separate directory. Assume only 'Start a new single player game' as an obvious replacement for the multiple clicks required to make the game go to a new single player universe.

Some bugs are not possible to trigger on purpose or are sort of random. Those need at least a log of them happening on a clean client and what you were doing while it happened, narrowed down to the absolutely essential factors encouraging it.


Okay, now you are ready to actually start the report.

In case you have multiple things to report,
you have to create a separate report for every issue.

Read and open
Create Bug Task
for the detailed instructions and a guide through the form and additional notes about the fields used.

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