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Starmade | Weapons able to ignore line of sight if lag is involved
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Weapons are able to ignore line of fire if lag is involved I.E Hitting blocks inside your ship without hitting blocks in front of these blocks.


As you can see in this picture there is damage deep within the ship even though no damage has been done to the external hull something that should be impossible since weapons work off of line of fire.

I used cannons to test this affect but missiles can also be subject to "spawning" inside your ship if enough lag is involved so can beam weapons.

Steps to reproduce:

Spawn a ship (preferably a large one)
Pilot that ship and spawn another ship to fight
Simply let the mob fire on you while you move around

You will find that damage is being done deep within your ship with no entry point being made.

This is mainly due to lag so the more of it you have the more likely the bullet will bug out and spawn inside your ship or detonate deep within the hull.

Please note here larger sector size may be partly responsible as the larger the sector the less accurate the math that governs position is.

Test conducted with 10KM sector size 2KM sector size would yield near same results due to testing with 1 million block ships.


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I will do some testing...

I can confirm this but only with damage beam weapons. I have tested all four and damage beam seems to do this. I was having lag and it did work as expected:

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Edit: It has been tested successfully for cannons too so all weapons should be changed too, so that if they may do this also then it would be fixed already.

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the ships that have been fighting have been loaded 100%?

AndyP added a comment.Sep 3 2015, 6:11 PM

Yes, it is like piercing, they ignore the first block and hit the second, sort of tunneling through them.

After talking with Samuel I was advised to add my task T728 to here.

Player killed on ship bridge, no damage to the ship and shields at 100%

I had a second account (admin) on the bridge of a homebase docked ship.
Pirates had spawned, so the turrets on the station and the the ship opened fire.

The admin toon on the bridge was killed by one of the stations turrets even though he was on the bridge, the ship was not taking damage (homebase) and anyway the shields on the ship are approx 7.8 million.

This is not the first time I have heard of this, a player on the server was watching a battle from his bridge and was killed by the pirate station, his shields were near max strength and no block damage.

The only thing that links these events was that both toons were looking out through crystal armour windows on the ship bridges.

Similar to @Phocian, I was standing inside of a tower attached to my homeworld. A turret from below the tower fired a missile salvo at a pirate ship when the tower was in its line-of-sight. I was killed inside the tower. So I assume the blast radius of the missiles penetrated the tower even though it's invulnerable (and has shields). Is this the desired effect? I know it's a friendly fire incident, but it shouldn't be happening through a structure that's invulnerable and/or shielded.

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Fixed with recent fixes to projectiles and beams

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-QA Testing-

Tested it out while creating lag of my own (physics in this case), I didn't see any beam hitting deeper, or ignoring its 1st tick.
I used large enough to sectors to avoid sector crossing damage as I know this may have different results, although unrelated to this particular issue. See T2242

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