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Starmade | Rail docker freeze
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If you undock an Entity with logic Signals, the Entity freezes in space, relativly to the Station. (stations cant move so the frozen Entity can´t do it either) Even if you remove the rails below the docker and the docker itself, the (remaining) Core stays frozen and if you reloud the sector, sometimes it unfreezes. In this case, it buggs away sometimes. even over a few kilometres. If you shoot a entity out into space with a red rail, to catch it again a few or Zero blocks away the edge of the red blocks, with another Entity docked to the same Entity, the shootout rail are mounted. the docker passes the blue pickup Point, docks itself and gets stuck on the first rail after the blue block. and again it stays so after deleting the rail and the docker.


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just try the ways out, i mentioned in the discription. rails- shootout rail (new Entity docked to the Station) - pickup Point- rails. or connect a button on a rail with a Entity docked to it and press it or connect the button to the docker and press it

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so these are more than one problem then ?

  1. undocking a thing from a station using logic isnt actually undocking the entity ? it isnt being able to move away from the dock even manually ?
  1. docking to a pick up point and moving onto a green docking rail is stopping at the first rail ? (in the current build the textures for the green rails are 180° rotatate and point in the wrong direction, probably thatsthe problem here)
  1. did i miss anything ? had problems to understand your report.
  1. No. Its completly frozen and can´t move at all, even with a pilot controlling it. or even deleting everything exept the core, its still not possible to move it.
  1. I rotated the pickup rail right, but nothing changed. still a frozen core.

3.Another try:
If you undock a entity with logic, which docked previously with a pickup point (important) its stuck.
If you pick up a entity with a pickup point, which undocked with a shootout rail, it gets stuck

and while playing with it my game crashes quite often. And I keep producing zero-poiner-exeption-Failures. can somebody thech me about them?

after one of those crashes ... take a look at the log folder in your starmade install
there will be a logstarmade.0.log file drag and drop that into an answer here.

OK ... checked the functionality again ... cant find a problem

please build a small sample station that shows the problem and add the blueprint of it here!

thats the logstarmade.0.log thing

And the station. just push the button

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ok your setup cant work this way

on activation that button undocks the entity .. and then the pickup point a moment later grabs it again and places it onto the rail basic again
(it stays in place simply)

But is there a way to undock the entity from the rail? You just showed me the way I can undock someting from the station and catch it back, I want the docked entity undocks itself from the rail somehow.

Build something like this
in your sample the pickup point is always active and grabs the undocked part again because it is to close
experiment with this setup

Thank you, but now there is (still) a problem: if I dock a entity to another one and move this one with rails around, I cant undock it again, after another reloud the entity is there, where I picked it up. I am building a device to lift containers out of ships and store them in my station. I have the full range of motion:left right forward, backward up and down. And if I want to undock a container from the moving part to store it somewhere, it gets stuck. It doesn´t react to any pressed keys. thats the most important issue in this bug

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even now I still produce unmovable cores. But only on the server. In a local game there s no problem

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Im having the same issue. My setup was a plexdoor box that closed around the entity while it was still on the rail, then a shootout rail to disconnect, and a pickup rail on the receiving entity. It all works as intended, The plexdoor enclosure keeps the entity in place when the shootout rail disconnects it, then after five seconds the pickup rail attaches it the next entity. The problem is that at that point, the object im moving is now stuck. Even breaking the rail docker wont free it, Only after I restart my game will it unfreeze.

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@Lunchbox and @The_Onion
Can any of you upload a blueprint of the ship + thing docked to it that causes it? And/or provide very clear steps to reproduce for a simple example?

There's another issue with stuck rails related to fleet orders + shootouts/pickups although I can't seem to find it, it had a blueprint to reproduce but it was fixed.

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Waiting for feedback for a long time now.
Cleanup -> Closed

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