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Starmade | Completely mined asteroids not properly saved / respawn of half mined asteroids
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Hey, I made a brand new world, mined completely three asteroids(so that the navigation marker would disappear) and then exited the game. When I loaded the game the next time, parts of those 3 asteroids had reappeared like they would have been while I was mining them before, unfinished, quite close to being completely mined. I mined these remnants completely the second time and then exited. Then I loaded up again and the asteroids were back seemingly in the same condition as the first time. I think I stayed in the same sector the whole time.

1- when mining an Asteroid while the server saves the then actual state gets stored and reloaded after that. Thats ok so far.
2- after the full removal of an asteroid that isnt saved and the asteroid loads next time with the settings save from the last save in (1). That causes the asteroid to shrink each time it gets mined while a save occurs.

3- i would suggest a new asteroid gets spawn (maybe on an adjustable timer) to replace the fully removed one. and alos a different one and not the same type and size again.


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Fixed - salvaged Asteroids do no longer respawn

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They now respawn (if enabled) if there is 1 asteroid left or if it's completely empty. The sector can't contain any other entity (ships/stations/...)

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