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Starmade | Visual Bug: Using a non-weapon block on your hotbar will visually output as if you are using a output weapon to everyone else except the pilot
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So far I have observed this when people use:

Logic blocks (specifically buttons to trigger logic drives and possible logic clocks in general)
Rail Dockers

Visually me and several others have observed when these are used they visually output:

Salvage Beams
Damage Beams

It appears to only occur when a ship is equipped with these weapons, however it outputs these effects visually when they should not.

I have only observed this on multiplayer unsure if this is present in singleplayer


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Unsure if this can be reproduced however here is how we did it

  1. A player should get into a ship with either any amount of salvage beams, cannons or damage beams and a rail docker and/or logic button that triggers a logic jump drive
  2. Another player should be in character mode (unsure if this is observable in a ship, have not tested)
  3. The player in the ship should use the rail docker/logic button
  4. The player in character mode should observe the the ship and notice how it looks like the cannons/salvagers/beams are firing when the ship is in fact using a logic block/rail docker
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Video of this occurring with a rail docker and a salvage beams

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Just chiming in for extra info, it's a bug with slot 1 on the hotbar.

Whatever is in that slot, will be fired regardless of what slot you are actually using.
(the slot cares not if it is logic, dockers, the Core, weapons or supports)

Easy reproduction:
Stick a cannon on slot 1.
Stick anything else on slot 2.
choose slot 2, and fire it off.

Witness that slot 1 fired too.
If the item in slot 1 is a weapon, it will damage whatever it hits.

33Cav added a subscriber: 33Cav.Feb 10 2017, 12:00 AM

This has been around since probably the change from old rails to new rail system or shortly afterwards.
The bug is to do with slot 1 and ONLY slot 1 on hotbar 1.
The pilot will never see the effect of this only other players.
As far as I can tell it is pot luck wether damage is actually done by any weapons in slot 1 but it will trigger faction auto declare war when I last tested it. Having salvage beams in slot 1 could cause extreme and unintentional fps drops for other players since most players are not aware of the issue, even now.