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Starmade | fleet members accelerate too slowly
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The acceleration of fleet members is less of what it should be, they also seem to have an issue with keeping up with the flag ship because they slow down as soon as they reach their fleet position.

There's another issue where fleet members do 180's periodically even though they shouldn't, most likely they overshoot their target point that doesn't update in time?

I'm not sure what exactly is causing the slow acceleration but it seems to be unrelated to thrust/mass ratio at least.


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0.19558 (Dev)
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0.19557 (Dev)
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Can confirm slow acceleration; tested in 0.19559. With tiny test ships this is not noticeable, but with something of sufficient size it becomes very obvious; acceleration rate is very slow with the ship I tested.

(At first I'd mentioned to Andy that AI ships were not moving at all... Turns out that this was not the case)

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Tested in 0.1956; still happens.

I found the opposite with small ships in .1956, they accelerate unrealistically fast, and stop even faster.

Yes, but even then they have a significant lagtime before responding to a drastic change in acceleration by their flagship. They also don't even try to stay in formation if their flagship is moving more slowly than them.

as of .19562 Large ships will accelerate normally again, however... there seem to be some issues with formations at this time.

They seem to enjoy clipping through each other.

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