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Quality Assurance
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Quality Assurance is the outgoing part of our issue processing.
These tasks have received a fix attempt and it's your job to confirm the fix, or send it back to the developers.
If the issue has a claim, only that person may confirm the fix. If it doesn't have a claim, anyone may do it.

Navigate to the Workflow

Where are the issues that need someone forwarding them?

Short: PhabricatorProjectsQuality Assurance

Hit the "eye" symbol in the top left corner and select "Projects" in the sidebar

now click on the box showing "Workflow Quality Assurance"

Now, you should see the "Quality Assurance Workboard"

Confirming fix

  1. Claim task
  2. Test the task thoroughly

From here you there are 2 ways it can go:

Fix confirmed

It works and nothing else related to the tested mechanic broke, change last tested version, drag it to the confirm fix column and set status to closed.

Broken fix

Fix doesn't work or the issue isn't fully fixed (even very minor stuff means it has to go back to the developers!). Leave details about what's broken and what's fixed in a comment, change last tested version and set status to in queue.

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