Activity Point System
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This is our activity system in use for Testers and Established-Testers.
Every 4 weeks, an activity check is done and all your meaningful actions will be translated into points.
In order to get accurate tracking, you need to leave a specific message, before mentioning something else.


Issue creation:

Reporting a new valid bug. No message needed: 2 points

If the report is invalid (duplicate) and the author is a tester. The one who handled needs to leave a message in a comment so the tester doesn't get those 2 points for an invalid bug report:
-Rejected- , it may be followed by anything else but it has to be the first word.

Validating issue (private open -> public open): 2 points

Only applies for established testers:
-Validated-, it may be followed by anything else but it has to be the first word.

Confirming issue (open -> in queue): 5 points

When you have confirmed an issue and added everything that is needed. Make sure your comment contains:

QA testing (resolved -> in queue/resolved -> closed): 4 points

-QA Testing-

If you do any mistake, or you notice a mistake and you edit it to the correct status, you remove the added -xyz- from the comment that changed it to the wrong status.


Every week you lose points in order to keep you active. If you have 14 points, you need to acquire 10 points weekly to stay above the minimum treshold.
The points you've gained in a week will be subtracted by a fixed amount: 7.5 and then they are added to your ratings. Before this happens however, your ratings will be multiplied by 0.75


  1. Ratings of week 3: 50
  2. Acquired 40 points in week 4
  3. Ratings of week 4: 50 * 0.75 + 40 - 7.5 = 70


The monthly check will calculate your final ratings:

  1. 10 points or more: you passed the minimum check, yay!
  2. For every X points you can pick a bug report you want to see fixed asap, devs will fix these first. (X will be said at the activity check)
  3. ...
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