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To keep our focus on adding features, we will not fix every single bug or glitch while in alpha.

Else we may invest time in features that get replaced completely at some point.

So we need different levels of priorities and issues.


If classed Alpha a bug or problem is either a

a) Release Blocker

that destroys user effort or work...

  • ...without any action from the user

Example case:
A station or ship is corrupted or deleted on update or loading/unloading the area.

  • an unpredictable way

Example case:
A shipyard is told to create a design from a blueprint and destroys the blueprint and does not create a design. (Effectively deleting or corrupting the blueprint

b) Alpha issue

This notes the issue or bug is impacting major functionality and prevents features from being used properly.
So the issue has to be fixed before we leave the alpha phase.


Fix in Beta is a bug or problem

  • that only costs time or is a result of an incomplete feature.

Example case:
A shipyard is told to construct a design and does not fill the display modules.

While this is annoying, its not destroying any effort.
Thus it can wait until we are feature complete and begin with the polishing phase.

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