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Development guidelines / manual

Okay, you are a developer assigned to "Project Starmade".

Navigate to the Workflow

Where are issues to work on?

Short: PhabricatorProjectsWorkflow Game Development (Orange)

Now drag a card into your column.

Searching for something specific?

use the filters!
They are quite powerful and flexible.

Need more information?

Ask for more details.
Hit "Edit Task"
then go to the bottom to "Weigh In" and use the dropdowns to send it back to open.

Fixed it?

Report directly back via your IDE and commit message.

In case you want Task 1234 retested and coded a fix for it, add this to your commit message:

Fixes T1234
T1234 as fixed

as Keywords for forwarding them.
(It may take up to 6 hours until phabricator picks them up, and flips them all.

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