Starmade | offensive explosive effect on cannons and beams stops gaining after 10%
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For cannons and beams, explosive effect is hardcapped at radius 1 although it is capable of increasing it to radius 10 on paper.

This causes it to reach its max radius after hitting 10% effect ratio and the surrounding blocks will always be hit by normal damage/6

Since this is capped anyway, perhaps the damage that is spread gets affected by the effect ratio and you automatically set it to radius 1.

surrounding damage = damage/6 * effect ratio


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Can I suggest a way to fix it?

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-QA Testing-

Now it scales with your explosion effect ratio and appears to work fine on the entities I've tested. Keep in mind that the explosive effect doesn't do damage anymore to the blocks in front and behind (the ones you're going to hit anyway if the weapons penetrates). The damage dealt to the surrounding is still divided by 6 and should technically be 4 now but left it unchanged mostly because explosive effect is already a bit too powerful imo.

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