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Starmade | Volley fire rate does not adjust to new weapon reload
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If you have a weapon with a number of outputs and reload resulting in a specific fire rate, it will refuse to adjust if you change or add a secondary weapon to it that changes its reload.

A cannon to cannon + beam should fire much slower between each shot, but it still assumes it's using a 1 second reload for volley fire.

It's a pretty cool thing to have but does not go too well with cursor recoil and is also something that doesn't stay. As soon as you adjust the weapon blocks, it updates to the correct fire rate for volley fire. Same goes for just reloading the sector.


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Single and Multi
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Control Block System: Weapons
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Steps to reproduce
  1. make a cannon computer with 3 outputs
  2. set it to volley fire and check how fast it fires (should fire 3 over the time span of 1 second)
  3. make a damage beam computer with 3 blocks
  4. link cannon computer to damage beam
  5. try volley fire out again, it should now fire every 5 seconds over the time span of 15 according to your new reload

Yet it fires all 3 still within 1 second.

Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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Clientconfig (settings.cfg)
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