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Starmade | logic connections from older blueprints aren't working properly anymore in recent devbuilds
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As the title says, old blueprint's logic won't work as it used to.
I had mostly issues with elevators. It seems, that in current devbuilds not all logic connections of an entity are being loaded.
Sometimes a short error message regarding logic apears.


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build 20180606_190654
Logic Gates
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Load a blueprint with plenty of logic connections from at least a year ago and trigger or examine the various operations.

Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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There was a fix for the previous logic loop detection not working properly. Not 100% sure if it is also meant to interfere with the logic, I believe it was simply just a notification message for you to act on and investigate. I'll leave this task on open till I know for sure. Perhaps others can upload a blueprint + a screenshot of what part of their logic does not seem to work anymore that did before.

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I just ran into this error I think.

I had a station I wanted to update with some of the newer dev release blocks so I copied that world between my release and dev installs of starmade and then loaded that world. I did that cause every time I spawned the blueprint most of the wireless links would break. I'm getting a lot of "logic loop protection signal stopped" error messages now in the dev release.

The station has a lot of logic built into it. Due to large plex doors generating enough logic changes to generate server messages warning of logic bombs I switched the doors out with rail doors. I've setup a central logic clock that then uses wireless links to each door separately. That clock signal drives a sensor on each door which then uses a wireless link to send instructions back to the station to actually open or close the doors. So I assume any logic creation which is sending wireless signals back and forth will get this error message. Note however that while I'm getting this message the wireless return signals to activate the doors are still working.

Hopefully this helps with this ticket and saves me from generating a duplicate ticket.
In my case I can get around this by simply placing the clocks on a separate entity by itself which I'm going to do next.
Since the links break when I spawn the blueprint linking the blueprint here isn't so useful. The world though is running at around 600MB of files though so if you need a copy maybe we can figure out a way to get that to you.

Correction shifting the clock to a separate docked or not docked entity still resulted in the error messages even though the logic is working fine. Wireless clock signal on the station goes to the door and the door sensor signal gets back to the station door control logic, so no logic that I can see is being blocked.

DeepspaceMechanic's SOBEK would be a very good example. In the threat affiliated to this report, he mentions that only one half of the logic circuits is broken despite having pretty much identical setups to the other one.

Still broken in v0.201.133. not triggering wireless modules between entities.

Sorry to retract my previous comment, but the creator of the SOBEK did some more testing on it and came to the conclusion that it probably has other issues. With that the recource might not be that well suited to conduct tests for this bug afterall.