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Starmade | When rails (of any kind) change direction through logic, docked entities are often, but not always ejected from the rail.\
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I did some experimenting with this and it mainly happens with Rail Basic and Pickup Rail. Basically, if you use logic to change the direction in any way, or to change the rail type, docked entities are often ejected. The weird thing is that the ejection is random and depends upon position relative to core, orientation, and pure chance. I've found that sometimes the problem can be negated by making rail lines out of a combination of basic and pickup rails, but not always and not often. This originally happened to me in the most recent release of version 0.199, but it became drastically worse in 0.200


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Do you have a sample blueprint that has a high chance of triggering this problem?

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As a matter of fact, I am going to give you the very ship that has been experiencing this problem. The elevators near the ship core have a habit of becoming disconnected if the rails change direction while moving. The splitting door on the left side of the ship near the front have not successfully opened and closed once. There are some rails and spaces for doors to come down in the very front where the ship opens to the unenclosed area where I had previously put the same door in four locations and one of those locations did not work at all and one only worked on occasion. If the ship doesn't load or the file doesn't work, please let me know.

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