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Starmade | Shipyard only partially loading entities, then hanging
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My Shipyard on a public server will only partially load ships. Have tried:

  • loading 50 mass designs (ship is visible, but progress halts around 70%)
  • creating designs from blueprints (creates design, but loading progress halts around 70%)
  • docking existing ships (ship docks, but no orders are available to undock / deconstruct etc)
  • creating new designs (core appears, but no orders are available)

Station mass (with all docked entities) is 212k
Shipyard size is 50 x 50 x 100 high

  • I have dowloaded the station to single player and the Shipyard works
  • my ping on the server is 300, leading me to think it may be lag related
  • some others on the server have problems with their shipyards aswell
  • Has occurred on Brierie server, and admin Kielm has had a look and cant get it to work. Station has been centered in sector, 'repair' has been run on the system etc (Kielm has been super helpful, and on one of the largest servers in the world he is doing a great job keeping Starmade so much fun!)

Let me know if this should be filed as a bug, or what I should do


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Control Block System: Shipyards
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Steps to reproduce
  • Log onto a server on the other side of the world (where client has >300 ping)
  • Spawn in 200k mass station with decently sized shipyard (75x75x75)
  • load shipyard designs

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This looks more like a bug-report than a support ticket.

Converting it, to allow proper processing.

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This is only partially a duplicate of T2411, as we cant even load new ships. I propose we merge this one with T2411 rather than replace?

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