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Starmade | world naming case sensitive on linux - not saving uppercase world names
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When creating a world containing capitals on singleplayer (not sure if multiplayer or Mac is affected), the game uses the lowercase name to save it.


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Steps to reproduce
  • Start the game, go to "Local Play"
  • Create a new world, with a name containing capitals
  • A catalogue can be copied
  • At this point a single directory in server-database is created, using the correct capitalization.
  • Enter the newly created world.
  • A new directory for the world is created, containing only lowercase characters.

When quitting the game to 'Main Menu' and going to local play again, only the original world name is visible (with capitalization). It can be entered without issue. Choosing 'Continue Last Play' also works without issues.
Quitting the game and restarting it will show 2 worlds, one with and one without caps. On the hard drive only the world without caps contains any files.

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erthparadine added a subscriber: erthparadine.EditedMar 6 2017, 2:41 PM

From Linux, upon creation of the world "MyCapsWorld" (Linux), I can spawn in no problem...

However, when I quit SM and launch, and I get this

Both "MyCapsWorld" and "mycapsworld" point to the same underlying folder structure; entities spawned in one appear in the other.

server-database/MyCapsWorld/ is created, but empty
server-database/mycapsworld/ is created, and populated/utilized

Removal of mycapsworld using the game's local universe list results in MyCapsWorld being reset/recreated upon attempting to launch: different seed is clearly used, previously spawned entity nowhere to be seen, and there's the usual NPC setup delay upon launching.

Deletion of the server-database/MyCapsWorld/ folder removes MyCapsWorld from the local list of available universes. However mycapsworld still launches fine.

macOS shows no such duplication: MyCapsWorld is the only new world listed after re-launching SM. Only server-database/MyCapsWorld/ folder is created, no other variants.

Tested on Debian 8.0 64bit, java 1.8, headless server:

  • set WORLD = TEST in server.cfg
  • only server-database/test was created.

This suggest the issue is only present on singleplayer.