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Starmade | If audio is enabled but not sending Client won't start
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I have a wireless headset that is connected via a USB dongle and if the headset is off and the dongle can't find/connect to the headset. Starmade will refuse to start it will be at the "Starmade (not responding)" Screen.


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Hard to explain, but if you have a usb audio device if you cut the audio off, Starmade no longer starts.

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In case this is still happening, please provided logs located in your starmade/logs folder. Drag and drop logstarmade.0.log in the comment box of this task to upload it to phabricator.

Could you also elaborate on what you mean with "cut the audio off"? Turning off the sound on your headset?
My own headset seems to be fine although it doesn't have a specific mute button, just a wheel that adjusts volume, putting that on 0% does not affect anything with Starmade.

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