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Starmade | Advanced Build mouse cursor does not show up when key reassigned to RControl
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If I reassign Advanced Build to the RControl key, pressing RControl will cause the advanced build menu to appear, but the mouse cursor stays hidden. The menu is not interact-able at this point, and no amount of moving the mouse will cause any of the Advanced Build menu items to react. Pressing the LControl will cause the window manipulation controls to appear, but still no cursor.

Reassigning Advanced Build back to LControl causes it to begin functioning again.


Restricted Diffusion Commit
Task Type
Testing Results
Affected Gamemode(s)
Single and Multi
Last tested (version)
First occurrence (version)
Video Card Vendor
Video Card Model
GTX 770
Steps to reproduce
  • Assign Advanced Build to RControl
  • Enter Build mode on a ship.
  • Press RControl
  • Observe Advanced Build menu appearing
  • Observe no mouse cursor appearing
Tester information (Internal use only)

Original cause is not RControl.

Moving the advanced build mode to J for example, works properly.
Pressing RControl while having the Advanced Build mode enabled locks the mouse and removes the cursor.

Further investigation showed:
The RControl key is used in the Sticky Cam Mode (double tap right shift), to unlock the mouse again while the chat is open.

@lancake found related code in CameraMouseState in function isInMouseControl, reason for this functionality may have been for the old chat system, to adjust your camera while chatting.

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-QA Testing-

Fix confirmed.

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