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Starmade | Old Trade-guild stations are invincible
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The old trade-Guild stations, (Tradestations Alpha Beta Gamma Delta, Eta) are all invulnerable.

I can drop their shields, but cannot actually damage any of their blocks.

This seems to be related to the old Trade Guild being a faction, and all of their stuff being treated as a homebase. (presumably to protect rod-shops and people docked to rod-shops.)

Unlike a rod-shop, I can shoot these stations infinetely, and a defence fleet is never summoned. (hit a rod-shop 5 times in about 30 seconds, and a fleet gets called)

This is NOT about the new "traders" faction, nor is it about their bases, so please don't ask about them.


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GeForce 610M
Steps to reproduce

Create a new universe, or load a pre-existing one.

Find a Trade Guild station, that is not a rod-shop, and attempt to destroy it with ship-board weapons.
See the abject failure of even super-titan weapons to kill it.

Attempt to use a torch, or warheads, and see the same failure.
(do, however, note that the station's shields take damage)

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Those 5 Trading Guild stations were always invulnerable. The issue where they don't spawn in a response fleet was reported already (T672) but since this system is going to be taken over completely by NPC Factions at some point, it doesn't need fixing.

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