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Starmade | Star Damage nonexistent
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As titled, not sure if you guys test stars that often, but, seems like stars arent dealing damage at least in this dev build... Might wanna make sure that they DO get it... Some pirates followed me as well and took no damage.

Unless Star-damage itself is being reworked this patch along with the modifications to the galaxy map "scouting" of a system. In which case you probably know its not working... DevNotes might be nice for when players come to test the builds too and what might have been changed


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Steps to reproduce
  1. enter god mode
  1. Admin TP into nearest star
  1. Spawn any ship, even after many minutes, ship shouldn't receive any damage
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Can't confirm. I'm assuming something went wrong with missiles completely and no explosion damage is dealt which includes heat damage.

Did restarting the server do anything useful? Does this only happen with 1 star?

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nvm, was apparently broken in that particular version but not in the ones that followed.

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Just done it again, Fired missiles in .246, these cratered a Target. Jumping to a star does NOT bring up a "Heat Damage Warning" or Proximity warning. Godmode was never enabled. will test it ion next builds when they are available

  • Star damage option inherited across all my single player worlds and is disabled. Didnt even know it was an option.
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