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Starmade | customConfig files missing
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If you don't have Starmade/data/config/customBlockBehaviourConfigTemplate.xml, the game crashes upon entering a single player universe (note that connecting to a multiplayer server then immediately exiting it to enter your SP universe works).
This file is only an example to write a custom configuration file, which is to be placed in another folder. For some reason, it was missing on one of my laptops after the update, but I don't think the game should even attempt to read it.

attached, Starmade's log (happened on both my windows and OSX laptop):


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The files in the data/config one should always be there after an update. It's what the game copies to the root folder, then it uses that file. It's so you can use the custom config files and still have a backup.

The error you get means something went wrong on installing and you managed to get an incomplete installation folder.
We already had people in support that ended up with a missing customTexturesFolder but this is new (same issue probably).

Tried a complete new installation and it was just fine, my other existing installations updated just fine too, no idea how to reproduce. Any idea if you did something specific that could have caused this? Perhaps describe what you did from start to finish.

EDIT: Did anti-virus software block it perhaps?

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Nothing should have blocked the update, but well, I guess these things happen sometimes. There might also be a bug/incompatibility which causes corrupt installations of course (and caused that), but if that is the case I don't know about it.

What's worrying me in the present case is more about the game crashing because of a file it shouldn't use, as if the game was crashing because the README was missing. Starmade/data/config/customBlockBehaviourConfigTemplate.xml is clearly a dummy example file intended to modders/players, yet the game requires it to run correctly although it mustn't use any information found in that file (fortunately, it seems to completely ignore its contents: it accepts an empty file, garbage... as long as the file exists the game doesn't care)

It's not critical, as it shouldn't happen unless somebody mess with the game files or there's a corrupt update/installation. But I find this odd and somewhat dubious. Not to mention it's a file which is quite likely to be moved around since it's an example for a file supposed to be placed in another directory.

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Waiting for feedback for a long time now.
Cleanup -> Closed

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