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Starmade | Trade fleet destroys blocks if receiving station is unloaded
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This occurred on Briere, and, rather frustratingly lost credits and 10,000 black hull for the first miner of the server for my faction.

After ordering from a station 22 minutes away, I had to log off and sort things elsewhere. In coming back I find the trade fleet has passed, but no resources had been deposited in the station cargo nor its shop that had enough cargo to take the shipment of Hulls.

Because this has occurred, Im submitting as a bug, but unsure of further specifics to what to classify this bug submission


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Steps to reproduce
  1. Acquire a station that has a Trade Node active and some stored resources
  1. purchase some material off the station, while being at least a few minutes away
  1. Log off, and wait until certain fleet has reached station
  1. log back in. Should see no "trade Order" in messages, the items have been consumed from the shop, and the credits are lost.
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That's something we tested multiple times. It had issues for several builds but it was fixed (or so it seemed).
I'll check some more things out but this might end up in the feedback column.

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