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Starmade | Joining MP server does not trigger Chunk32 update hook for Blueprints
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A group of us on the NASS multiplayer server discovered that attempting to upload our blueprints caused the client to completely freeze, leaving no choice but to kill the process. We eventually came to the conclusion that joining a multiplayer server does not trigger the Chunk32 migration, and the upload process chokes on the older BP type. Of course, opening a singleplayer world does trigger the migration, and is a simple enough permanent workaround.


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  1. Use StarMade install that has not played singleplayer since updating to v0.199.132 (Chunk32 update).
  2. Join multiplayer server.
  3. Press the "Upload Blueprint to multiplayer server" button in the catalog.

This should trigger the game to indefinitely lock up.

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That's odd. It's not meant to migrate all your blueprints if you join a MP server since they aren't being used. If you upload one, it converts just that one. It worked back in one of the dev builds but heard someone mentioning the same thing so this can't be a coincidence.

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