Starmade | Username is erased after hitting enter on username in online play
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After typing in your username in the online play section if you hit enter it deletes the user name


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Task Type
Testing Results
Affected Gamemode(s)
Single and Multi
Last tested (version)
0.199.326 (DEV)
Ingame GUI/HUD
First occurrence (version)
Video Card Vendor
Steps to reproduce
  • Start Game
  • Click Online Play or Singleplayer
  • Type in a username
  • hit the "enter" key
  • User name is erased,

Expected: For the username to stay and the text entry to change focus, likely to the list of servers so you can use arrow keys.

Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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Clientconfig (settings.cfg)
<replace this line with the file content>
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this wasnt reported ? ... could have sworn it was :/

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-Qa Testing-


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