Starmade | Missile-Lock animation played after no longer selecting Lock on Missile
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The lock on missile animation continues to play, irrespective of what other hotbar slots contain upon switching weapons.

When you click with this animation present, Lock On missiles will cease to perform any locking on at all, regardless of time spent looking at a single entity.


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Steps to reproduce
  1. use a lock on missile
  2. wait for the lock to be completed
  3. switch to an empty hotbar slot or another weapon

-> Lock is still there
takes a few seconds before it goes away

  1. if you click in an empty hotbar slot or other weapon, the lock will be gone but the reticle will still be small.
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Description has everything.

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Hm, it was more or less known, just not reported :(
Your description has everything I found so I'll just edit the steps to reproduce a bit and then push it in queue.

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By changing the assigned Hotbar up/down and going back to the missile computers fixes the lock-on animation, and allows rockets fired to lock on. This sometimes needs to be repeated if a cannon is used in the interim between rocket launches,

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Should be fixed in next version.

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