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Starmade | Multiple Weapons / Module Links
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Shift+V On modules to link multiple to each other more than possibly allowed.

Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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Clientconfig (settings.cfg)
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Please explain in detail the steps to reproduce the attached blueprint corruption.

and what kind of crash is happening when what is done with that blueprint?
(probably add the log.txt.0 from one of those crashes )

The issue is that you can link (any?) weapon computer to multiple push pulse computers and other stuff you're not supposed to do. This causes weird issues and in this case a nullpointer exception. Check the computer link in that blueprint.

i did check the missile computer computer which does have 4 others connect to it and a weird pattern of beam modules.

i only cant see how that was possible, to connect random modules in a big block of modules

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Waiting for feedback for a long time now.
Cleanup -> Closed

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