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Starmade | Rotating a Pastable with Slabs causes them to lose their alignment
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(Report may be off, since I cant delete when it was entered before adding all information, apologies)

A GIF is supplied to show it occuring on one of my Paste-ables. Sorry for its length, but, the paste was resisting to show this bug, despite happening first time a number of times while not recording GIF.


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Single and Multi
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Steps to reproduce
  1. Produce or use a Template that uses extensive slabs, or, use the provided one
  1. Load the template, and begin rotating the template with Normal rotate, Shift-rotate, and Control-Rotate
  1. The template should register the slabs change their alignment, and then freeze in certain positions, and traslate even to when being pasted onto a ship

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Could this be another side effect of:

If the behaviour is exactly the same -> they ignore the "mirror cubes" checkbox in advanced build mode, we can merge it to that report instead of sending in a separate one.

"Mirror Cubes Function" Being ignored isnt the issue, its outright locking slabs into incorrect orientations after being rotated, as shown in the GIF.

But I am unsure, its perhaps the same root-cause that both of these are derived from...

AndyP added a comment.Mar 5 2016, 11:23 PM


Looks like its related T954, please poke me again if T954 is fixed and the problem is still there.

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