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Aug 14 2017

Vindicator added a comment to T920: Shipyard "Place order" menu doesn't recognize a ship is docked..

This is still an issue

Aug 14 2017, 12:45 AM · CBS: Shipyards, Starmade
Vindicator added a comment to T752: Shipyard loading issue and greyed out buttons.

This is definitely not fixed, I'm having the same issues on the server I play on. I have 5 shipyards on the same station and the problem happened to all of them at the same time. In some cases the ship design won't load past 75%. In other cases it will load, but the option to build is greyed out. If I dock a real ship, the options are the same as if there was no ship docked, even though it recognizes the real ship is docked.

Aug 14 2017, 12:05 AM · CBS: Shipyards, Starmade