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Starmade | Space Stations moving/teleporting upon reentering an unloaded sector
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While playing on single player i have noticed that my space stations will move and teleport while im in sector. This occurs when i admin teleport to another sector which unload the previous sector i was in but then admin teleport back. as soon as I teleport back the station will load like normal but as soon as its loaded it will spasm out and move to a different position. when the station moves it appears to be just a visual illusion as i have been able to fly through it. however when I fly near the stations original position the ghost version of it disappears and the real version reappears. From then on the station will (visually) glitch out however in terms of functionality it will be completely normal.


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Were you aligned to one of the stations when teleporting away?
(Sometimes when teleporting from station to station in one sector, you accidentally move them into each other causing huge issues with docked things.)

Also, when teleporting a station inside a sector the physics do not update (you see it, but can fly through).

Could you provide steps to reproduce that in some way?

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No feedback.

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