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Starmade | Shipyards can’t load the right design
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This task/bug report is about an issue with shipyards and renamed designs.

I had a shipyard. I took a design and built it, but didn’t build what I planned at first. I renamed it from “Miner ship” to “Miner drone”, made a new design with the name “Miner ship”, and made something else. However, when I tried to load the other one (“Miner drone”), it loaded “Miner ship”!

The design was still named “Miner drone”, and the blue highlight and menu options of “Info” and “Unload” proved I had loaded the drone, but the shipyard said “Virtual (Miner ship)” and the ship was being projected. I unloaded and reloaded it, to no avail. I even moved it to the shipyard next to it, and even though the second shipyard didn’t have the Ship design (only the Drone design was in there), it, too, loaded the other (incorrect) vessel.

It is still okay, as I saved both of their Blueprints to the Catalog when done - saving the drone before making the ship, and saving the ship before I (would’ve) checked what the drone looked like - but A) this is still an issue, and B) just because I have a workaround doesn’t mean that other users will experience this as well.

I assume that the issue is with how the world saves Designs, where renaming the design renames the item but not the file. Therefore, when I make a new ship with the same name, it draws from that old file and overwrites the drone I made.

EDIT 1: The second design needs the first one to run. I placed the drone design in a second shipyard, and although the second shipyard - with the drone in it - failed just fine, the first one (with only the ship in it) wouldn’t work. If I loaded the design, it would load for a moment, then go back to “waiting for order” as if I hadn’t done anything. That must mean that any edits to the second ship were saved in the first design, and the second design couldn’t load because it didn’t have a unique file to load (it was borrowing the other design’s data). Because of this, the first design loads the second one because that is actually what was saved there.


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Control Block System: Shipyards
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Steps to reproduce
  • Make 2 shipyards of any size and supply power to them.
  • Make a new design; name it “Design A”.
  • When Design A is created and loaded, make something. It can be basic.
  • In that same shipyard, unload Design A.
  • Right-click Design A and choose Edit. Type “Design B”.
  • Create a new design. This should be named Design A - exactly like the other one’s old name.
  • Build something else. Make it easily distinguishable from the first one (different size, different shape, or different blocks, or any other way of telling it apart). Mine could be told apart because it is about twice as long on its Z axis as the drone.
  • Unload Design A.
  • Attempt to load Design B in any way you can think of. No matter how many times you unload and reload the design, and no matter which of the two shipyards you place it in, Design A will always be loaded, even if the shipyard you use doesn’t have Design B’s design in it. (There are exceptions; anything irregular is noted in the description)
Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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opening angle bracket to the closing angle bracket>
Clientconfig (settings.cfg)
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