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Starmade | Collision issues with rotated items
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I had a miner with rotating ramps. While the ramp was lowered, the game had collision issues. First, I could partially go through the ground and almost got stuck inside of a Button. Second, I initiated gravity. What should happen: I should land. What happened: I slid through the floor, which obviously is not intended. I shut the door, and it worked fine. I even re-initiated gravity, and this time I hit the floor instead of passing through it.


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Control Block System: Rails/Docking
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Steps to reproduce
  • Create a basic ship.
  • Add a door or ramp to it via a docked entity.
  • Rotate it 45 degrees, 135 degrees, or any other diagonal direction.
  • Navigate the ship. Try both colliding (you may be able to partially enter a block’s space) and enabling gravity (you may fall through the ground).
  • Rotate the door/ramp the opposite direction, returning it to the default position.
  • Navigate the ship again. Notice that any collision bugs you may have experienced no longer occur.

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