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Starmade | Shipyards :Create design from Catalog doesn't work. Also puts GUI in unstable state
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After creating a design from a catalog, the newly created design is selected, as if it is loaded. The other buttons in the interface are also disabled, preventing loading of any other item. When closing the game and re-entering, the "Place Order" button works, however, when attempting to load the new creation, the game complains that there is no valid design in the catalog. This was all done in an attempt to create a copy of an existing design (which, honestly, should have been a matter of right clicking on the design, and selecting "duplicate")

Also, I noted that clicking on the shipyard inventory would click-trough to the personal inventory window behind it.


Task Type
Testing Results
Affected Gamemode(s)
Last tested (version)
0.200.335 (linux)
Control Block System: Shipyards
Video Card Vendor
Steps to reproduce
  1. Load existing design
  2. Create blueprint from existing design, or create a blueprint from the entered structure (when editing a ship)
  3. Unload design (if one is loaded)

4.Create design from catalog

  1. Discover you have lost all ability to interact with the shipyard

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