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Starmade | overheat despawn causes ghost docked entities
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This is related to the closed bug T1407, but only effects entities that despawn from overheating.

General Description:
When a ship with docked entities overheats and despawns, it leaves behind it's docks as ghose entities. The entities still show up as a turret or docked entity in navigation, and any weaponsfire goes right through them. reloading the sector (by restarting, or leaving then coming back) will fix the docks.

This is an issue because the ai will target these unkillable entities and become useless in a battle due to it. This causes a lot of problems for fleet battles where the ai will target these ghose entities and be unable to make any progress on killing them.

I have not filled in the java, os or video card information, as I'm fairly certain this isn't os specific, so I think such information would be a distraction. If you are unable to reproduce, I'm happy to provide more information about my setup


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Steps to reproduce

I've attached a blueprint that helps reproduce in an easy fashion.

  1. Download the blueprint.
  2. Spawn it.
  3. Shoot one of the warheads with your pistol until it explodes
  4. Wait for the entity to despawn from the overheat timer (stay logged in and in the sector, and DO NOT USE /despawn_entity to speed things up!)
  5. try shooting at the turrets, they should be all or mostly ghosts, unable to be damaged.
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