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Starmade | Too much lag
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Hey there!
So i love this game, that i do, if i could id play it all the time, but one thing gets in the way.
So i'll be playing, harvesting stuff in my ship, enjoying myself, but whenever i get near a planet, no matter how much it's already generated, i lag immensely. i get that its probably my computer but i cant get past it. i'd really like to know if there's a way to fix it, and if not, so be it. If i were able to get to planets without running 6fps, i'd play for hours, and hell, i'd donate to the cause!

Once again, I love the game, its probably my computer, but i just thought i'd bring it up.
Love you guys!
Leon D.


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This is not a bug ... more like a support ticket.

to judge if your PC is the root cause we would at least have to know its specifications.
CPU Version, GPU and Amount of available RAM would be helpful.
also there is a Grafcisinfo.txt file in the games log folder. that could show if the game runs of the wrong GPU (mostly a Laptop problem)

first thing you could try is to reduce the view range (number of chunks rendered) ... cant check just now how that is named in the options.

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Usually the thread count for generation in the server.cfg is too high,
or your max drawn segments are too high.

anyway, system specs (graphicsinfo.txt content) and settings.cfg + server.cfg from your client will help with classing those.

(Please till the fields in the report and we can provider further instructions or help with this.

A thing that can relief your computer if you play solo mode or your own custom server is to reduce the planet size in the file "server.cfg".

PLANET_SIZE_MEAN = 225.0 //Planet size mean (normal gaussian distribution) (min 50)

Reduce it to 50. It does the job with my former old computer. fps dropped to 40 only.

But caution you'll have to apply this settings at the creation of a new world or else they could occure some bugs on the existing world.

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closing this a it is a support problem and not a bug as such

either post in the game support forum for advice or contact support in the help section of the webpage if you need more help

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