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Starmade | Irregular Station Spawn (.353)
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An odd occurence; a system, half of which composed of stations. Natural spawn, singleplayer, untouched. World was created on .349 and continued to exist through .351, .352, .353. Currently running on MacOs Sierra 10.12.

System Location: 0 , 5 , 8



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0.199.353 (DEV)
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None Known - However, world is attached.

Serverconfig (server.cfg)
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Clientconfig (settings.cfg)
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System 0 5 8 looks like this (after loading and relogging)

have you done anything special with the system below it other than placing a station and claiming the system ?
(claiming-revoking-claiming again, importing a sector with a station to claim the system, using a decayed station to claim it)

There are two stations, one labeled NX-74 Development, and the one used to claim the system. Ships were created in these two places. Nothing special.

hmm ... the only thing i have seen so far is that the universe database got corrupted somehow
(failed save, file still open , game crash ... something like that)
your provided universe has files in the backup corrupted and a corrupted catalog.

will keep this open for a while to see if it happens to others too, maybe they do then have a clue how to reproduce. i had no luck in doing it

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havnt seen this happening somewhere else
assume a file corruption of some kind
closing for now

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