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Starmade | Cargo movement bugs while the amount is increasing
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You can only really get these with planet-miners or... Miners in general really as they are the only things that generate ticks of blocks so fast.

Basically, sometimes when a resource is being added to, it will refuse to me moved around for the sake of inventory management. You have to drag a non-increasing number over the increasing one to get them to change positions.

...Been in for a long time, I've only just remembered that it may be a bug more than anything


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  1. Spawn any miner that uses/ can be modified to use a basic clock; Any Miner powerful enough or one that has 100% cannon slave should do the trick
  1. Go to any planet
  1. Activate the mining clock, and begin attempting to shuffle items around.
  1. the game should refuse the movemtn of the items if the number of it changed during the click/drag sorting process

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Not actually a bug, but if they have constant inflow of blocks, its protected from being moved, as the race conditions could lead to blocks being destroyed or created.
While the first case would not be too much of a problem, the second case would be an exploit.

So, can you still reproduce this, and have any specific negative side effects from it, that would require a fix?

  • Andy
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Waiting for feedback for a long time now.
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