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Starmade | Errant Venture crashes
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So i have looked into my logs and this is what i find spamming it,
[2016-08-15 15:55:12] PING TRIGGER: ActivationTrigger [pos=(10, 25, 159), obj={RigBExOrig@284999875SpaceStation[ENTITY_SPACESTATION_PostDatedCheckLoan(9629)];COLSHAPE:[CubesShape|CLI SpaceStation[ENTITY_SPACESTATION_PostDatedCheckLoan(9629)]];AT(19.620188, 22.749535, 351.71692)(SID: 9617)}, fired=false, ping=1471301712636, colUnitPos=(13, 25, 159)]; 1


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What ?

is the problem that the game crashes ? With what error? Please provide a logfile containing that crash (usually the last one )

is the problem the log spamming? what are you doing when it happens? What entities are nearby ? is it possible to get a Blueprint r sector export of those ?

So....this one caught my eye because as far as I know I'm the only "Errant Venture" server out there. Don't recognize that username though.

I'll look on my server tonight and see if this is on my server, and if it is, I'll see if I can find the logs for this.

yahhh, thats mine sorry

squirttle123 added a comment.EditedAug 20 2016, 5:46 PM

its my derelict delta im fixing up.
when i have logged in when errant venture crashes, i look into my log files and that same thing is spamming my files too

then please provide a BP of that station to see if it is the cause for spamming and maybe server crashes

the station is just the default derelict delta

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Waiting for feedback for a long time now.
Cleanup -> Closed

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