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Starmade | Memory bug
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When loading my universe, the game quickly runs out of memory and grinds to a halt. no crash but game freeze


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GeForce GTX 660
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Unknown if occurs to any other universe.

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sounds like a support problem
What Hardware are you using?
what OS are you using? 32 or 64 bit?
old or new Launcher?
what did you set the memory usage in the launcher to?

64 bit OS and 64 bit Java, default memory settings, old launcher, hardware never caused a problem though hardware is a gigabyte 8 core dual bios system, 2 ram sticks (the other 2 ports are busted). and it looks like two objects are phased into each other.

maybe change the the memory setting to something like this

if you havnt enough memory to set it to 4096 (4GB) try 2048 or 3096 depending on your actual memory size.
(2 ram sticks isnt actually anything someone could work with as a value ;) )

if you do have admin rights ..remove one of the colliding entities (if they are not needed) or teleport them away.

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Support problem .. or fixed in on eof the hotfixes

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