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At the moment nothing prevent pirate station, or worse MOB fleet like here, to spawn nearby spawn sector at the early moment of a new universe generation. I think it will be really nice for newbie to prevent pirate to spawn nearby default spawn sector.

I did a total new installation as requested in T1499 and MOBs spawn in same time, same place than me. It's ok I'm veteran who know now admin command by heart, but imagine I was a poor new player who play StarMade the really 1st time, how stressfull to be attacked while watching tutorial and/or not even have time to change its keys bound. Don't even know how to spawn a ship to run away, it's a bit like be trolled by Schine's dev. :p


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Development is aware of the spawn situation.
I do remember that the way spawning in a new game should work will be handled differently in the future (new Spawnstation)

although the way pirates do spawn and are distributed throughout the universe is planned to be reworked afaik.

therefore a non issue, just not yet implemented

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