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While testing the power system to find the most efficient system I noticed the block count was off.
I added blocks in 10 count increments. I actually seen it put 10 blocks in multiple times yet increase count 11.
I also noticed the mass was off because the block count was off.

It doesn't do it every single time you add 10 blocks in a row just every so often. I have saved the ship if you need.
The ship is a core with 320 blocks on top of the core branching off the lowest core is 319 blocks they are perpendicular to one another.
Thus their dimensions is 320x320x320 with the core being at the bottom that dimension is 321. The game has the dimensions correct.
It however has the block count at 1027 and mass at 102.6
The actual block count is 320+319+319 for a total of 938+1 the core = 939 a difference of 88 blocks.


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Please Upload the Ship...
You can find the ship here. And image proving the count is off before saving. Second ship worse. off 12%.

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-Confirmed- in Dev.
Create a core and build up. pay attention to the height dimension. I built using 10 at a time and thirty. If i remove the blocks the difference is left, with nothing to remove.

Apparently, if you restart the game it fixes itself, and if you save it to Blue Print it also fixes itself. tab-f6 will also fix it.

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Appears to be fixed.

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-QA Testing-

Tried the steps to reproduce and failed to do it, fix confirmed.

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In T753#53404, @lancake wrote:

-QA Testing-

Tried the steps to reproduce and failed to do it, fix confirmed.

Agreed. Good for me too.

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